Giải thích từ ngữ

Tuyển tập: Nhạc sĩ David Dong
Chủ đề: Ca Ngợi
Nhịp: 4/4
Bài số: 7
Hợp âm: Bb
Ghi chú:

Name Play

Lời Bài Hát  



1. As we assemble in uni son we look up to You o Lord for inspiration.

Prepare us today for a new task that we may be able to accomplish.

Now and then we keep on meeting.

In our hearts we keep you dwell ing now that we are together.

We will always be Yours for ever Make us a better tool for the great commission


2. Oh let us be filled with Your Spirit

And renew us with vigour That we may be able to imbide and impart without fear.

For you fill with Spirit of love.

For you and for me with compassion.

For me with compassion!





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